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All These Worlds by  Dennis E. Taylor

I finished the book less then twelve hours after getting it (and about half of that time was working) It is quite good.

It does conclude all the major plot lines of the previous two books, the others, the Deltan’s, the Pav, the Brazilian probe, and the humans on the earth. It does this with grace and without feeling rushed. And of course it also does not resort to technology that resembles magic or similar easy outs.

The book explores further on the idea of clone divergence and how the various Bob’s will be spending eternity.

It would be interesting if the next book picks up a couple centuries down the line, to see how far the Bobs will have gotten and what they will be doing.

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Review: For We Are Many

For We Are Many
For We Are Many by Dennis E. Taylor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For We Are Many succeeded for the same reasons that We Are Legion did.
Honestly not much to say beyond that, the book does up the threat level past a pissed off Brazilian and does do a good job of thinking through what the implications of life being common would be.
It is obvious that it is the middle book, several plot threats were followed but few were truly resolved.

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Review: We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

We Are Legion (We Are Bob)
We Are Legion (We Are Bob) by Dennis E. Taylor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Overall the book is very good, It took me about a day to finish it, I am busy enough that it’s rare for me to read that much these days. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction and are geeky in any way.

The Characters
Bob is very engaging, he reminds me of Mark Watney (from The Martian). Like Watney’s character has a lot riding on him because he is the only one around.
While he does have a very good skill set for the situation, he does have to learn and improvise in many areas and do things that do not come easily to him.

As the name of the book implies, by the end there are many Bob’s. They are off doing different things around various stars. This could easily get bogged down in details or confusing but it never does. The sign of the best art, in whatever form, is that something very hard is made to look very easy.

The Writing
The writing is what can only be called smooth. It flows easily and never at any point are you tempted to stop, wait or even to skip ahead to a more interesting part.
I have read books, even some that I really like where this not the case. Even Game of Throne’s has parts where you want to change point of view badly.

The Scope
The book starts off with just the life of one Bob, where pleasing those in charge and staying alive is all he can or has to worry about. Before too long it grows though, stretching about 40 years into the future and a couple dozen light years away.
While very very far from the first writer to do it, he does it well.

The Science (and technology)
I really do like how he maintained a hard sci-fi setting. The only technology that might not be considered hard is the subspace tech. Mainly the drive that creates gravity around the ships and pulls them forward. Otherwise there were no violations of physics that I could note.
It really is a good lesson that the constraints caused by science can help you tell a good story.

One thing I see here that I really wish I saw more often is how Bob was very creative and how he researched new technology. It also explored the various applications of the subspace tech.

Edit: review of the sequel: For We Are Many

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