Dennis E. Taylor


All These Worlds by  Dennis E. Taylor

I finished the book less then twelve hours after getting it (and about half of that time was working) It is quite good.

It does conclude all the major plot lines of the previous two books, the others, the Deltan’s, the Pav, the Brazilian probe, and the humans on the earth. It does this with grace and without feeling rushed. And of course it also does not resort to technology that resembles magic or similar easy outs.

The book explores further on the idea of clone divergence and how the various Bob’s will be spending eternity.

It would be interesting if the next book picks up a couple centuries down the line, to see how far the Bobs will have gotten and what they will be doing.

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Review: For We Are Many

For We Are Many
For We Are Many by Dennis E. Taylor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For We Are Many succeeded for the same reasons that We Are Legion did.
Honestly not much to say beyond that, the book does up the threat level past a pissed off Brazilian and does do a good job of thinking through what the implications of life being common would be.
It is obvious that it is the middle book, several plot threats were followed but few were truly resolved.

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