TV Show Review

Review of First Two Seasons of Sliders (9/10 Stars)

Sliders was a 90’s TV show, the first two seasons are what I am going to review, the rest…was not good, the network took control and made it into a bad action adventure show, introducing magic of all things. I suggest you just watch the first two seasons and maybe a couple of the third for closure.

Sliders was about four people who were sliding from one alternate reality to another.
Before I go further I will talk about the characters

Quinn Mallory: Brilliant graduate physics student. He invented sliding.

Wade Wells: She worked in a computer store and studies literature and poetry. She believes in the supernatural. A close friend of Quinn, she in fact has a crush on him that he does not know about.

Professor Maximillian P. Arturo: He is one of Quinn’s teachers. Contrary to what he thought Quinn had a lot of respect for him. He is a very learned man and believes in science and reason above all else.
He is not someone who could easily make breakthroughs, or who was known to be great from the get go. He spent many many years studying and learning, part of him becomes resentful of Quinn because of this (but to his credit it does not show often)

Rembrandt Brown: The only slider who did not choose to start sliding, a singer who was once in a successful band but left before they made it big and he did not. He was on his way to sing the national anthem at a stadium when he got sucked up.

Most of the episodes have the sliders arriving on a world that differs from ours in some way, with a certain amount of time before they can open the wormhole again. Each wormhole takes them to a random world. This is because they had to mess with the sliding device to get off the first world safely and lack the equipment to reset it and get them home, if they miss the window the timer will become useless.

Most of the worlds are alternate history’s where one thing is different.
For example, what if the USSR had won the cold war? What would cause that and what effect would it have? What if antibiotics were never discovered? What if we became obsessed with keeping our population low?
In this show you have what very much feel like real people, just watching them chew the scenery is fun. Sliders is the kind of thing I think when someone says good classic sci-fi.


REVIEW: INHUMANS (3/10 stars)

I did some facebook posts on this but I think it deserves a full review. To be clear I am talking about the first two episodes that were shown on Imax in movie theaters.

To be honest I think the people making it made the mistake of assuming that people watching would care about the “good” guys because one of them was the “rightful” king. Given we are talking about a show in the marvel universe I can see why they would make this mistake, knowing who the good guys are is rarely never really an issue for superhero shows and movies. They might have just written if off as a non-issue and moved to other things.

Same could be said for making sure the audience hated the bad guy, or at least wished him to fail. The only real reason they show for this is that he launched a coop to make himself king. I admit this could be my knowledge of history but that is just how monarchies work. If you don’t like how things are run you have two choices. You can either convince the king to change his mind or you can kill him. That is one of the major disadvantages of monarchies after all. In fact the coop looked to be executed with a minimum of bloodshed.

Even in plays written in the renaissance when monarchies ruled in Europe playwrights make it clear that rightful kings were good guys, that they were the kind of people who SHOULD be king. Or that they were good guys BECAUSE they were the rightful king.

Either way it was not done well in inhumans, I can’t think of a single sympathetic character. The closest strangely enough is the brother, because while he did what he did for the worst possible reasons he very well could make his kingdom a much better place in ways his brother never would.

On a more meta level, The powers are also just..boring. None of them really scream “That would be awesome to have” or “Think about how that would change things” The Xmen they are not.

Also, something that is becoming a pet Peeve, they rejected any dealing with earth (at least officially) by saying “They would just kill us all” Lumping every nation and group on earth together. Why not approach a small nation, offer then the cheapest way to space ever in return for help? They are on the moon, how do they think we would kill them?