Movie Review

Review: Star Wars the Last Jedi (4/10 stars)

Before anything else I will say that you should keep in mind that The Last Jedi is the middle move, it is not really a whole story, its the middle of one. It is very hard to judge from that. This being a review I will do so anyway, but you have been warned.

First I am going to say the movie was slow, they quickly established a plot line that I thought was going to be over in the first third or so of the movie, it was dragged out for the whole thing. They did this by having a lot of failed attempts to resolve the central problem, where the heros make no progress at all.

It just felt that everyone spent the entire movie very slowing going forward, things that could have been done in five minutes took twenty.

Luke also seemed to go back and forth, we never got a good sense that he had defined goals, and was working to go there.

I won’t give anything else away but I will say that for me one of the defining characteristic of Luke in the original movies was his ability to see hope where others saw only despair. Where others saw a murder and war criminal he saw a man who was in pain, and who would, if it came down to it refuse to kill is son. He risked his life, he risked everything on that hope.

That man….was not in the new movie.

Review: Justice league (9/10 stars)

To be clear I did not have high expectations for Justice League. I was thinking it was going to be Batman V Superman but with more characters and plot turns. So worth watching for the action, but little else.

But boy was I wrong, it was very good, surprisingly so.

Going through the list of things I though would tank it but it did well instead:

First they had to introduce three new characters, Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg. I though this would drag things down or the characters would end up flat because they could not afford enough time to flesh them out.

Neither happened, little time was spent on them but it was time well spent. They showed the characters, they did not just tell us about them. We did not get much backstory but we did get to know them as characters. The actors of all three characters deserved all the money they got and then some.

Second I thought it would have a consistent joyless tone through the whole movie. While the start was kind of joyless, it was not near as bad as Batman V Superman. And unlike in Batman V Superman the tone at the start helps the movie. Its a movie about making things better, so starting joyless works (like horror movies starting happy). Things get better as the movie progresses and there are even jokes (good ones even).

The third was that the plot would be too complex and would twist too many times (looking at you spiderman 3), and they would leave you in the dust trying to deal with that AND all the new characters.

That did not happen partly because they knew their limits and kept the plot simple but workable. The bad guy was not complex, as he is not the point of the movie, he starts the ball rolling but he is not the star.

While simple the stakes are shown to be very high, and the bad guys power is never in doubt. While I do hope for a more complex one in the next movie, in this one the focus had to be on the league.

One final note is I really like where they are taking Batman. He is old and he shows it, they did not have him take on things that a normal guys should not be able to. The movie as a whole can be seen as him trying to hope, trying to be more like superman. He fails sometimes but he tries, again and again. THAT is a batman I want to see on the big screen.


Review: Thor Ragnarok (8/10 stars)

Ragnarok was very different from the other two Thor movies. It is much more of a comedy, the tone is half guardians of the galaxy and half Flash Gordon. However it does not fall into the trap of hurting its own plot for the sake of laughs, the threats feel real.

The thing that struck me is how much it shows the short comings of Thor. He really is not someone who should be on his own, while a good man he is still arrogant and overconfident, and does not think as deeply or as often as he should. That is one way in which he and Loki make a good team, between the two of them they make one functional person.

Speaking of Loki, as always any scene with both of them is worth its weight in gold.

While I would not say it’s the best Marvel movie, I would say it’s the most fun and the most funny.


Review of Geostorm (7/10 stars)

Just to get it out of the way the science on Geostorm is… not good. It reminds me of The Core or Armageddon. You just have to accept it and move on, I feel it unjust to judge the movie on something that they obviously put little emphasis on.

The basic idea is that is that thanks to global warming we needed a net of weather control satellites (literal a net, as in they are connected in space) to keep weather from being insanely bad. They start going bad and doing stuff like freezing an Afgan village, or cooking part of a city like a microwave. Two brothers try and find out what is going on a fix it. One goes to orbit the other stays on earth.

It had two threads and many characters and used them well. It’s a spy thriller with a large dose of a natural disaster movie thrown in.

I could have done without the environmental message but it did not really get in the way, also the science was so ridicules that you could not really take it seriously.