Effects of Practical Sexbots

One area that I think is underdeveloped in Science Fiction is the effect of practical sexbots.

By practical I mean that they can, for most people most of the time, replace women/men for sex and companionship. I don’t just mean the obvious, but also being able to hold simple conversations.

Granted there will be some people who would never settle for a bot, but how good would they have to be until they change things in ways both profound and subtle?

How many resources and time are spent by men and women to attract the other? What if you could get your dream girl/guy for one month of pay? Would you push yourself as hard at work or in life in general?

The interesting thing about this is that making them is a engineering problem only. It’s going to be a while before you see them in Walmart, but we don’t need any big breakthroughs. We just a lot of time and effort. I mean it’s not like there would be a problem convincing people that it would be a good return on investment.

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