We Are Abnormal

If you are from the west a great many things will be normal are VERY abnormal historically. I am not saying you should just assume they change back, but don’t assume things that started changing fifty years ago, and are changing today will freeze as they are now.

For example, for most of human history, people were adults when they could do the work of an adult, for a woman this was somewhere between puberty and 16 or so. For a man, this was when he was big enough to farm/hunt. Adolescence did not exist as a concept.

If I was forty and got engaged to someone who was sixteen I would be, to say the least, looked down on today. No one would have cared a few hundred years ago.

I don’t think I need to say how much EVERYTHING surrounding sex has changed in the last century, there were times and places when women would not let themselves be seen when pregnant (not even in church).

Various societies have changed how they used makeup, from only tacky women using it, to men, to everyone.

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