Making a Different World With Taboos

Technology, by itself, will not make your world feel alien. We live in a world where technology changes every day, waking up to new technology is normal, to make a world feel alien you need more.

The first thing you could do would be to get rid of a taboo. However be careful to understand both the logical and emotional reasons for the taboo existing before you do this. Taboos have far reaching consequences, make sure to not just change the surface level effects.

For example, the nudity taboo. One of the consequences of getting rid of it could be that our standards of beauty might change because we no longer can present a front that is anything but honest. I might be tempted to have this stem from a belief that honestly is important. If that was the case makeup could be seen the same way.

The next, as you might have guessed, is adding a taboo. This would be more tricky because you have to invent the reason for the taboo to exist, plot backwards from there to make it logical then plot forward for all the effects it would have .

In a classic by Heinlein, The Puppet Masters, one of the major plot points is that the only way to know that someone is not controlled by an alien is to see them naked. To wear clothing (more then a set of VERY short shorts) is to ask for a bullet to the head from a vigilante. Trying to talk congress into this goes about as well as you would think it would.

Even after the aliens are beaten this could not change because even if the US is clear, the rest of the world is not.

If you were to write a book set 100 years after the end of that book I would expect to see profound changes.

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