I am going to start by saying I am not a historian, and to please not quote me as if I were one.

That out of the way, if you are going to have a revolution in your book there are (a great many) things you should know. I am not going to go over all of them, I am going to go over some basics however.

If you are an American and have not gone out of your way to read history you probably don’t know much about any revolution except ours, and that is VERY atypical.

The American revolution is more akin to throwing off a foreign power then a normal revolution. If you want a more typical example look at the Russian revolution.

First, one thing all, or almost all, revolutions have in common is that they are rebellions against the people in charge, and their actions NOT the structure of the government. Meaning that you won’t convince millions of people to rebel because the leader is a monarch, but you might convince them the monarch is doing evil things and needs to be ousted. Once that is done would probably be okay with a new, and better, monarch. Look up the Newburgh Conspiracy if you doubt me.

Revolutions, in general, start with several decades of stupid actions by the the powers that be. They do a series of things that piss off large segments of society, not just the poor, or just the rich, but most everyone. And it does have to be a series, it can’t just be one action or choice.

Then something happens to push people over the edge, something so horrible that the government is thought to be irredeemable by at least a significant minority of people.

Once this happens, you have riots in the streets, the ruling class is killed and everything that represents them is destroyed. Often this means destroying needed infrastructure or killing people who work for the government doing useful things like making sure food gets where it needs to go.

This is anything but orderly, and after you often have chaos as dozens of groups vie for control, each with a different idea of who should rule and how they should do so. Most of the time the group that wins is the one that has the best combination of luck, charisma and brute force. This can easily make the new government worse then the old one.

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