Because your writing on your time, and it going to take a long time to finish, it can be easy to put off working on your novel, and in the end get little done.

What I find effective for myself is to set short term goals. I have a goal for most weeks, that I will get done with editing a certain section or write a certain number of scenes ect.

I also will have a goal for most days. For example as of the time I am writing this my goal for the day is to edit half one part (about an eighth or so) of my book with the edits from my latest round of alpha readers.

You won’t always make your goals, and that’s okay, but you need to try.

You also might need to set limits on how much you redo things. It is very easy to keep tweaking a section for much longer then it’s worth. During my first draft I made a rule to not go back and fix things unless they were something like proper nouns or numbers. More then that I let abide, and in the end I found it much easier to edit the whole thing when it was done. Sure I had a lot of problems, but they were easier to fix when I could see the whole picture.

It also helped my motivation to know I DID finish the first draft, I KNEW I could complete the book. Sure it may take a while but I was going to do it.

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