What You Can Learn From Star Trek: Subtlety

One of the things that Star Trek is famous for is having a black bridge officer, during the 60’s.

The future of in Star Trek was shown to be one post bigotry, post racism. The interesting thing is that they did not show this by bring it up, they did this by just letting it be.

They showed the crew, let everyone see that Uhura was black. It was not important enough to remark upon, the fact she was black was as unimportant as the fact she had black hair.

I am telling you this not only for the obvious but to show you that you don’t have to mention something explicitly to make a point with it. Making a big deal of something can in fact detract from it. For example if space travel was easy and common I might not make a big deal of going to orbit, the fact that I was going to orbit for lunch could be a good way to show that we are in the future, and how advanced things are (or how rich I was).

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