Review: Space Doctor (4/5 stars)

Space doctor by G. Harry Stine was published in the eighties (at least according to my copy) but it reads more like the fifties or late forties. Not saying that is a bad thing, although it is different from what you would think.

This kind of story is a lot more rare today then it was in the fifties, it was very refreshing to read. Rather then be about something epic in scope it’s about one man who is doing some very interesting things, almost slice is life-ish.

The story is about a doctor who is hired by a senator/business owner who is trying to get power sat’s working (solar panels in orbit beaming power down to stations on the earth). There are two sets of stations, one is in high orbit where the sat’s themselves are being built.

The main character is hired to be the head doctor on the upper satellites. That high up they can’t send people down if there is a medical problem, they have to deal with it then and there. He is in practice starting a new area of medicine, doing it all by feel and trial and error.

For example they have to invent IV bags that will squeeze themselves because there is no gravity. He has to talk the engineers into making sure he and his people can get around quickly when they are needed ect.

Its a very good relaxing and interesting read.

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