The Haters Don’t Matter

One thing people say when your making art is to ignore the haters. I would say that is correct to a point.

You DO need to listen to criticism, otherwise you won’t improve. However the people who REALLY hate what you wrote? Those you have to ignore simply because they don’t matter.

The people who buy your book matter, the ones who thought about it, or might think about it matter. The ones who would never consider buying it don’t.

Think of it like this, if you invented a steak recipe why would you care about the crowd of vegetarians who were protesting? They are not your customers, and would never be, nor will the people who buy your steak care what they think.

One skill you need to put some effort into is being able to take the needed information from a critique, and to tell the difference between a critique and someone just being angry or being useless.

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