Review: Star Wars the Last Jedi (4/10 stars)

Before anything else I will say that you should keep in mind that The Last Jedi is the middle move, it is not really a whole story, its the middle of one. It is very hard to judge from that. This being a review I will do so anyway, but you have been warned.

First I am going to say the movie was slow, they quickly established a plot line that I thought was going to be over in the first third or so of the movie, it was dragged out for the whole thing. They did this by having a lot of failed attempts to resolve the central problem, where the heros make no progress at all.

It just felt that everyone spent the entire movie very slowing going forward, things that could have been done in five minutes took twenty.

Luke also seemed to go back and forth, we never got a good sense that he had defined goals, and was working to go there.

I won’t give anything else away but I will say that for me one of the defining characteristic of Luke in the original movies was his ability to see hope where others saw only despair. Where others saw a murder and war criminal he saw a man who was in pain, and who would, if it came down to it refuse to kill is son. He risked his life, he risked everything on that hope.

That man….was not in the new movie.

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