Review: The lost room (9/10 stars)

The lost room is a mini-series made by the Sci-Fi channel (before they misspelled themselves). While it may not technically be science fiction it is a good object lesson in science fiction.

The basic idea is that in the late sixties an event happened, something that should not have happened by all our understanding of physics, but it did anyway. One of the rooms in a small motel was removed from reality, the key to the missing room was found and when used on any door it opened to the removed room.

Inside were what were called Objects, ordinary items that do freaky and random things. A pen could microwave you (the coroner said it looked like a jet engine hit the guy but left his cloths intact) a watch that boils eggs when you stick them in, a comb that can stop time briefly.

Some groups want to find and use the Objects, some to contain them (on the theory that they do more harm then good) some think they are the body of god, or even that they will become god if they get all of them at once (there are 100ish).

A detective is introduced into this world when he find the key, the object that opens any door to the lost room, and once inside you can go to any door you can picture in your mind. He has to navigate this world in order to save his daughter.

The two things I love most about it are how well thought out the setting is, including the effects the Objects had and the various groups rushing to get them. The main character was also not some action hero trying to save the world, but a man trying to save his daughter.

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