What You Can Learn From Star Trek: Disagreement

One trap it can be easy to fall into when your writing people interacting who are on the same side, and ultimately want the same thing, is to have them agree too often and too fast.

This can happen because you know all the facts of the situation, you know your characters will decide on a certain course of action, so you make the deciding part too fast. Doing this misses one of the best chances you will have to build character, showing how and why your characters are disagreeing.

In Star Trek this is used very effectively for Dr. McCoy. You learn he is a man who never puts anything above the individual, over what is right. It is also made clear he is not an officer of the line (an officer who would be in line to command the ship) because he does not easily see the big picture. He see’s a situation and acts in a way he feels is right.

You must not only think about what your characters know at the time the scene is taking place but what mistakes they would make, what would they incorrectly assume? What biases do they have?

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