Review: Artemis (5/5 stars)

Artemis is written by Weir, the same author who wrote The Martian. The science is just as impeccable, even if it is a very different story.

It is sorta similar to Asimov’s Lije Baley books. That is to say where the setting is a science fiction the story is a mystery/thriller. That is not to say the setting is just a backdrop, the setting is one of the best parts of the book.

Artemis itself feels like a city, not like a planned colony. Weir spent a lot of time making sure the city make’s sense not just from a engineering point of view but from a economic one.

Like the Martian the book relies heavily on it’s main character, and the book works in large part because it’s main character, Jazz, is a very funny likable person who you want to succeed even when she is doing something less the ethical.

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