Making an Alien Setting Feel Human

One trap you can fall into when placing your character in a setting is making creatures and settings so alien that they are unrelateable.

The first and most often given advise is for you to give your character problems that are familiar. While good advise this is not the only thing you can do. If you’re are going to do it however, the easiest way is to stick to the basics, food, water shelter, saving a loved one, basic primal urges that everyone has.

Once your story progresses you can and should expand, but make sure before you do that that your reader cares about your character.

You could also show that he acts very human, that he makes mistakes. Basically show that he thinks like a human, maybe contrast it with someone or something that does not.

Lastly you can do the opposite, make the reader hate the enemy of your character and root for your character just because he is the enemy of the bad guy.

This CAN work, but its hard to pull this off. And for the love of god give your character at least one or two good qualities.

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