Your book is Not A Movie.

People being what we are its normal to imagine your book as a movie, this however can cause problems.

People are not going to see the picture in your head, they are going to see the pictures you paint with words. This means that you need to be careful to not make anything too complicated to describe without a reason. There are good reasons to do it, but make sure you have one. Also trust me, NOTHING takes more rewrites and more time then describing something abstractly shaped.

One thing that few realize about movies is how short they are, your able to get more plot in most short stories then your average movie. Good directors and writers can work around this, most of the time by making every scene count, each scene doing several things at once. For Lord of the Rings that is the only way the movies could be made at all.

That however is NOT how books are written. You need to give your characters room the breathe, you need to be okay with having scenes that don’t push the plot forward. You have much much more room then a movie, use it.

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