Review: Threshold (8/10 stars)

I’m going to let you all in on a secret, I rarely like alien invasion stories. It’s not that I dislike the idea, it’s that they are hard to get right and most of them have glaring flaws I can’t ignore. That was my problem with Falling Skies.

Threshold has been called a reverse X-files. In it a probe gets to earth and changes people, they become faster, stronger, and tougher. They start to carry out the agenda of the aliens. The show is about the team that is put together to make contact with them, then to deal with the threat.

The show is intelligent, it has very well developed characters who try to solve problems made harder by the fact that only they know what is really going on. They have countless people working for them but none of them know the whole truth.

Often classifying data during emergencies is shown to be done with little thought, or just serves to get in the hero’s way. In Threshold it is rightfully shown to be necessary, it causes headaches and sometimes makes things worse but is needed.

It is just one season of a planned three, but It’s still good and worth watching if you can track it down.


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