Review of Geostorm (7/10 stars)

Just to get it out of the way the science on Geostorm is… not good. It reminds me of The Core or Armageddon. You just have to accept it and move on, I feel it unjust to judge the movie on something that they obviously put little emphasis on.

The basic idea is that is that thanks to global warming we needed a net of weather control satellites (literal a net, as in they are connected in space) to keep weather from being insanely bad. They start going bad and doing stuff like freezing an Afgan village, or cooking part of a city like a microwave. Two brothers try and find out what is going on a fix it. One goes to orbit the other stays on earth.

It had two threads and many characters and used them well. It’s a spy thriller with a large dose of a natural disaster movie thrown in.

I could have done without the environmental message but it did not really get in the way, also the science was so ridicules that you could not really take it seriously.


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