Too High Tech

One problem that high fantasy and science fiction share is that its easy to introduce so much magic/ new technology that it can be hard to have real problems. The is particularly the case if you really do think out and explore all the uses of new technology.
For example replicators from Star Trek. With those you can’t easily have famine as a plot line, even having poor people would be a stretch. A shortage of anything vital would be hard to believe.

This is one of the reasons you don’t see much science fiction sent in the very far future, its hard to show technology progress a thousand years and still have relatable problems.
There are two ways around this, the first is to make sure the new technology has enough limits that you can still have problems, even if they come at you from a different direction. For example if your replicator is the only way anyone makes food and it takes massive power then a power outage could cause starvation. It also might require a network connection to get the computing power needed to do its job.

The other way is to introduce new problems. A star blowing up, or the galaxy being invaded or something.
This can be done but it does take work to make people care. If I tell someone that I can only afford to eat once a day then they feel sorry for me and many would know how I feel. If you say you can only afford two internal processors and your thinking is too swampy then you need to first establish what those are and work hard on making the reader care.

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