One Dimensional Races

One problem you see more often then not in any science fiction with a lot of alien races is that all members of a race can be described in the same way.
For example “Klingons are warriors” then show literally all Klingons as warriors. The thing is that can’t be true, for any number of reasons.

A large part of why this is done is practical, even with a novel to work with you would be hard pressed to describe even passingly every society on earth.
That said, you should not just throw up your hands and give up, there are things that can be done. The first is to establish that there are exceptions. Show a Klingon shop keeper, or describe a store that would not exist if the only people who were in town were warriors. If half of all Klingons are warriors then that should have great effects on their culture and society but it can’t be the only thing they are. In the least you can show occasional exceptions to the rule.

Just a little time and effort can make a race go from “The warrior race” to something more, and it gives you something to build from. If you established who Klingons are, then you meet a renowned Klingon scientists you suddenly have an interesting hook for a character. Half the reason to use stereotypes is to defy them after all.

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