Freedom of Speech

One thing you must consider when constructing societies is how much freedom of speech they have.

Whole books have been written on the subject of what freedom of speech is, and what it does but the short explanation is that it gives people the ability to make informed decisions. There is a reason the first and most important thing a cult does is limit outside contact. If you control the information that someone receives you can control the decisions they make. The longer you do this the more you can get away with.

One caveat I will mention is to understand the difference between a people who are acting evil and aggressive because they are being manipulated verses a people who are doing it for themselves and the government is just doing their will. The best example of this is the Japanese verses the Germans in World War Two.

It took years of careful manipulation from the Nazi party for the Germans to go along with what Hitler wanted. The Japanese were different, they were not manipulated into the war, it was something they wanted, and saw no or little moral problem with. Yes they did have more then their share of propaganda about the US, but that is normal for every side in a war.

In the first example you can’t have freedom of speech, while in the second you could. You very much could have a free and open people who launch a naked war of aggression and greed.

If you are going to restrict freedom of speech remember that it does not have to be the government doing it. It could be a corporation, for example one of the problems with twitter and Facebook is that they can and do shadowban people. This means that when you post something that should go out to all your followers it only goes out to a few.

If you were to expand this you could easily have a world where the government never interferes with your freedom of speech but where its all but impossible to reach anyone unless your voicing a view that is approved of.

It could also be cultural, where if you say certain things your never taken seriously and you lose your job.

I would suggest putting thought into how much freedom of speech your society has, and just as importantly who is restricting it and why.

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