Quantum Vibe is a long running webcomic and graphic novel series, they passed one and a half thousand pages a while ago with no sign of stopping.

While I would hesitate to call it hard sci-fi, it has artificial gravity for example, it very much does not treat technology as magic. The abilities of technology are known and the effects, current and past, are thought of. For example there are chips that people can put into their heads, modern usage is shown as cell phone plus HUD. However when the belt was being settled they were hooked up to engineered sentient apes and used to make them slaves.

The way ships move is treated with as much logic and forethought.

The setting rings true in ways that a lot of stories don’t. This comes down to not only the detail with which the history is crafted but to how many different nations and peoples there are. They all have depth and are all believable.

I will say that the series does have a libertarian bent. However the creator does not just create a utopian society, he creates one that is imperfect and flawed but which I could believe could work with human nature.

The story tackles huge idea’s such as the rights of the government versus the individual. What happens when humans no longer have a frontier. Even the idea of if its really possible for people to change.

The characters behave in a very endearing and most importantly human fashion. A lot of action adventure stories have main characters that are never emotional effected by what happens. QV does not falls into this trap.

It is very good and I would recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi.

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