I liked the first two Spiderman movies (although I don’t think they aged very well) I did not like the latter three (although not all for the same reasons).

I do like Spiderman as a hero. His powerset is in that sweet spot between “Not as good as seal team 6” and “Can’t be threatened”. It also lends itself to taking people captive rather then killing them, the writers don’t have to come up with convoluted reasons why he does not kill.

Very minor spoilers ahead

That background out of the way I really did like Spiderman: Homecoming, much more then any of the other Spiderman movies.

It does not waste time with much of an origin story, nor should it. I certainly do not need to see yet another Spiderman origin story movie.

They also had Peter act and look like a real teenager. He made some big mistakes, as you would expect. But he did mean well, and he did learn to be better.

As you can’t fail to know by this point Iron Man is in the movie. Beyond the sheer joy of seeing Tony Stark chew the scenery, we also get to see him be the responsible adult. But most importantly he was in the movie what I would consider an appropriate amount. He did not steal the thunder from Spiderman. All the really important fight scenes he was absent for good plot reasons.

In a lot of ways it’s more like the Netflix marvel series then the MCU movies. The bad guy was not acting like a comic book bad guy who was trying to get revenge or take over the world. He was just a black market dealer trying to support his family (not saying he was a good guy, he was still a murderer). He was very careful and I could believe that he could go eight years without being caught.

While good there were still two things that I think held the movie back:

The first is that he had no spider sense. His super agility plus spider sense are what really sells Spiderman to me as a hero who can play in the big leagues. Without it I find it harder to believe that he can dodge bullets and such.

The second are the teen antics, I came to the theater to watch Spiderman, not a teen rom com. While to both Peter’s and the writer’s credit Peter does not take look to take school seriously when compared to this outings as Spiderman it still drags the movie down slightly.


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