Neurodiversity is a new term, most of those who it does not apply to do not know what it means or the movement it represents.

Neurotypical is what most people are, it means their thinking processes are basically normal, they are not autistic, dyslexic ect.
Neurodiversity is of course the inverse, one of the large ideas in the community is that people who are autistic or dyslexic or any number of other things are not lesser then ‘normal’ people but different.

All that established one idea that you see in the neurodiversity movement is the idea of a kind of soft genocide. If the genes that cause autism for example were found then they could just stop being born.
After all if a segment of a population is taking a disproportionate amount of public resources why not try?
Realistically I think this will be a thing that will become possible at some point, not in my lifetime maybe, but at some point. Given my book takes place in about five hundred years it is something I have to think about.

How many advances were made by people who were outcasts, or who were different? Does it not make sense that having more then one way of thinking will help solve problems?

We have had neurodiversity since the very start of our species. Its part of the human condition. So what happens if we change that? What effects would it have?

What would it be like to be an illegal autistic? If for example the government has genetic standards for children (and Liang, one of the major powers in my novel does). Assume you are a mistake, or your parents bribed a doctor to not alter your genes.
How would you feel? Would you be resentful of the world, or angry at your parents for not “Fixing” you? Would you run away to somewhere you could fit in the first chance you got?

It could start with trying to cut out the extremes, those who can not live and function on their own and who can’t contribute. Cutting out what the society considers to be flaws that will not allow the person to live a normal life. Over generations the definition of normal gets smaller, peaks and valleys in personalities get smoothed out. What we would consider to be normal differences would be severe psychological conditions to them.
I think that one of the outcomes of this would be that advances would slow down to a crawl. You would see small incremental improvements in science and technology but you would no longer produce the kind of people who radically change things.
How would such people interact with other cultures? Would they see everyone else as maladjusted to the world and slightly insane? Would they be resentful that they will not be able to carve a place in history as big as those before?
Even if humanity wanted to go back to the way things were, how would you convince parents to allow it? A great amount of effort by parents is put into making their children appear normal (often against the best interests of the children). How many parents would be okay with giving their children a harder life because some of the people born randomly might help society?

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